We have made it easier and more secure for you to send us documents and files


On our website, we have a secure client area that lets you quickly and safely exchange documents with us. You can easily upload your accounts, transactions and documents - no more dropping in USB keys, CDs or shoeboxes!

We're also able to share documents with you, giving you anytime access to important files such as annual accounts, tax payment schedules or reports.

We can even give files expiry dates so you know that what you see is the latest and most up to date information.



Why should you use it?

Convenient - Do it all from the
convenience of your computer.
Size - Exchange files up to 200mb
that are far too large for emailing.
Secure - It utilises the same security
technology as online banking.
Up to date - Always get access to the
latest information.
Anytime - Log in to the secure area at
anytime via the internet.
Organised - Arrange files in folders to
easily locate important documents.

How does it work?

The system works similarly when we upload a file for you, except that you receive an email notification that there is a new file for you to log in and retrieve.

Contact us today to learn more about this service and how to get set up.

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